What makes something share-worthy? When it comes to the internet, there are no rules. It might be laugh-out-loud funny, touching or inspiring, challenging or thought-provoking – however it grabs you, its worth sharing the love!

Something as simple as a photo, a video or a GIF might help to raise awareness about an important issue, share an interesting perspective, or just brighten someone’s day.

That’s why, here at ViralSwarm, we spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, combing every nook and cranny of the web to hunt out the best, most original and most engaging viral content we can get our hands on.

And then, we focus on what we do best: we share it with you! As kids, we learned the importance of sharing, so we wanted to create a platform that makes it easier than ever to find engaging content and share it with your friends and networks.

Yes, the Internet really is our playground and we’re happy that you’re joining us as we explore (and share!) the best lists, laughs, OMG moments and more that the web has to offer.

So snoop around, stay as long as you like, and remember to keep checking back daily to see the latest and greatest (or worst of the worst!) that the world is currently sharing.

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