Kids today will have no idea what any of these are. Can we call this tech “vintage” yet?

These days, if you show a floppy disc to anyone under the age of 20, they’d probably think it was a 3D model of the Save Button.


Beepers have been obsolete for a decade now, but remember PDAs? They were like iPhones, but with out the phone part. Or the internet. or Apps. Or a camera.


Remember when cameras weren’t part of your phone? You had to carry one around if you wanted to take pictures. Disposable ones might stick around for occasions when you don’t want to risk damaging your phone, but film canisters will soon only be known by the niche and artistic.


The skeletons of Blockbuster stores still litter a few street corners, but it won’t be long before the idea of driving to a store to rent a movie will seem archaic.


With the decline of movie rental houses as well as switch to digital, the phrase “be kind, rewind” won’t have much of a meaning to today’s youth.


While some people may still describe their DVRs as “taping” their shows, that terminology won’t last long either.


CDs are still around for now, but it’s been awhile since any media needed to utilize use of the B-Side.


Phones aren’t the only devices that have sprouted cameras in the last 10 years. Any computer today has a camera built-in as well, making Web Cams a thing of the past.


Remember computer games? Before the App Store or Playstation or Xbox, you used to play video games on a good old-fashioned PC. But only when the disc was in of course.


Not many people still have an AOL e-mail address, but anyone who did will still remember the screeching tones of the dial-up sound.


There was a day when the boombox was considered the portable option for listening to music.


Remember when “rolling down the window” actually meant rolling down the window?


There was a time when the only way to get the lyrics to your favorite songs was to buy the CD and HOPE there was a lyric booklet included.


The unofficial mascot of past technology, let’s all share a moment of silence for the Microsoft Office Paperclip. His reign of terror is over and will never plague our children.


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