AXE has issued their employees new business cards. What they are infused with will totally weird you out! WHAT?

You’ve seen their ads, admit it. I do because they’re hard to miss… usually outlandish and over the top. The aim of the AXE game is not necessarily to have the best product, but to turn the most heads. Well perhaps they’ve done it again. In their new company campaign created by Toronto based agency, Union, employees were given business cards infused with their personal pheromones.


Male employees were asked to wear headbands as they worked out.


Their sweat was then collected, concentrated, and placed on a tiny spot on each card saying “Infused with essence of NAME.”


Only male employees were asked to participate in the experiment, begging the question… Why?


The jury is still out on the role pheromones play in human interactions, but the project does have some scientific backing.


Undoubted though, scent does play a large role in our social and sexual lives and… uh, damn, there it was. Way to go AXE. I get it! Whether science or stunt, AXE has one again shifted our attention in the direction of a smell. All in all though, I think I’ll just stick to sending my contact info via phone… like the rest of the world!

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