This week’s most ridiculous news stories! I can’t believe how much fresh air sold for at a Chinese auction…

The North Korean Embassy confronted a barber over a sign in his window!

As it turns out, the ambassadors at the North Korean embassy in London have a serious problem if you make fun of their country, or their leader, Kim Jong-un, in any way. Mo Nabbach, a barber at the M&M hair academy found this out the hard way after he put a sign up in his window to promote cheap haircuts. The sign, had a picture of Kim Jong-un, with the words “Bad Hair day? 15% Off All Gent Cuts Through The Month of April.”

Two men from the embassy went into the barber and ordered that the sign be taken down. The barbers complied, but many of their clients asked them to put it back up. As a result, the barbers put the sign back up, and the North Koreans were angry once more. via:


The first screening of Noah was cancelled because the theater flooded!

Eager customers waited at the Vue Cinema in Exeter, England, to watch the premiere of the cinematic biblical story, Noah. Of course, this movie is based on the tale of Noah’s ark, and the flood that is said to have occurred in the Bible. What these patrons weren’t expecting, is that the theatre flooded and the show had to be cancelled! Before you think it was an act of God, we should tell you that a faulty ice machine was responsible for the flood. Still, it’s a little eerie to think that there was some divine intervention at the Vue Cinema. via: geekosystem


A woman was robbed while giving an interview about street robberies in Brazil!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is rapidly approaching. However, police of the host nation, Brazil, are beginning to worry that street crime may ruin their country’s reputation during the tournament. A woman in Rio de Janeiro was actually robbed on live television in the middle of the day! Coincidentally, the woman was speaking with the reporter about robberies and inadequate policing.

The thief grabbed her necklace, but dropped it as he was fleeing the scene.

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Missing boy only existed on Facebook

Police spent numerous days searching for a 2-year-old boy named Chayson Basinio, after he went missing from a supermarket car park. A judge opened the case as a suspected kidnapping, while police officers sent diving teams into a nearby lake, fearing that the child had drowned. It wasn’t until a few days into the investigation, that the police discovered that Chayson Basinio, and his parents, didn’t actually exist. They only existed in the wonderful world of Facebook.

Police are now looking into the case, trying to figure out who reported a fake kidnapping about a child that never existed. via:


A disabled boy recorded bullies harassing him, and the police charged him with illegal wire tapping!

Christian Stanfield, a teenager in a Pennsylvania high school, was recently charged with a felony crime: illegal wire tapping. Keep in mind that Christian was recording things that the bullies who would torment him every single day were saying to him! It wasn’t just the students harassing him either, it was teachers as well. Christian recorded these horrific moments in school to prove to his mother that he “wasn’t lying” about the bullies at school. via:


A jar of fresh air from France was sold for $860 at a Chinese auction!

We all know that the pollution in China is becoming a serious health concern, but are people really starting to buy jars of fresh air? Yes, but only because one person in particular was selling one. Liang Kegang, a Beijing artist returned from his trip to France with one item of protest against his city’s poor state of pollution. Liang Kegang brought home a jar of air from Provence, and sold it at an art auction for $860! Since this auction, Liang Kegang has been known for his public stunts, and acts of protest against the condition of the air in Beijing. To put in perspective how bad the air in Beijing is, the World Health Organization, on numerous occasions, has said that the air in Beijing is unsafe, and that nobody should be breathing it!

In other news, dozens of emerging business men have tried to sell jars of their local air on Ebay. via:

China Jar of Clean Air

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