This week’s 7 most unbelievable news stories! The White House comments on Justin Bieber – What did they say?

1. Student suspended for asking Miss America to prom

18-year-old Patrick Farves was trying to think of the perfect date to prom. Instead of asking a girl he was interested in at his school, he decided to ask Miss America winner, Nina Davuluri. He asked her by giving her a flower, and she laughed off the whole event. However, Patrick Farves asked her after his high school specifically told him that he wasn’t allowed to. As a result, he was suspended from the school. Nina Davuluri went to twitter to express her concern for Patrick, and she stated that she does not think he should have been suspended. (


2. General Mills claims if you Like them on Facebook, you can’t sue them

General Mills, the company responsible for the beautiful cereal Cheerios, was recently thrown in front of a metaphorical bus after it was revealed that the company had a secret agreement with people who “liked” them on Facebook. Essentially, by “liking” them on Facebook, you were agreeing not to take them to court in any lawsuit that you may want to file. Instead, you have to settle the dispute with the company outside of a courtroom. General Mills quickly retracted the agreement after almost everyone who heard the news became annoyed with the company. (

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3. Kidnapper released 10-year-old after he wouldn’t stop singing gospel music

A 10-year-old Atlanta boy, Willie Myrick, was abducted by a kidnapper. The kidnapper stated that he didn’t want to hear a single word out of Willie’s mouth. Frightened, Willie started singing a gospel song he remembered from church called “Every Praise.” Willie sang the song for three hours straight until the kidnapper eventually kicked him out of the car. (


4. Kansas man wants to hide “murder” tattoo before his murder trial

A Kansas man charged with first-degree murder is genuinely frightened that the tattoo he has on his neck will inevitably send him to prison. The man, Jeffrey Chapman, has the word “Murder” tattooed across his neck. Allegedly, Jeffrey Chapman stated he was afraid the tattoo would tarnish his image during the trial, and he wishes to get it removed before he defends himself in a court of law. Does he look like a killer to you? (


5. Dad hires underage prostitute for 13-year-old son

An Australian man has been convicted for hiring an under-age prostitute to give to his 13-year-old son during a family holiday to Thailand! The father told his son he didn’t want him to return to Australia without losing his virginity. He paid an under-age prostitute, rented a room, and waited until his son had sex before they were allowed to leave the hotel. Of course, the father told his son not to tell his mother about the incident. He is serving 12 months in jail, but was released with a $2000 fine. (


6. White House declines to comment on Justin Bieber deportation petition

A petition was posted online to the website with regards to the deportation of Justin Bieber. One of the rules of the website is that if it gets 100,000 signatures, the government promises to comment on whatever issue is being addressed. The Bieber petition received 275,000 signatures, and the White House issued this statement: “Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one.” Essentially, they commented on the petition by stating that they will not be commenting on that petition. How lovely. (


7. Prisoner broke out of jail to escape rap music

It’s not easy to be an old man in prison. Robert Stevens, a convicted robber became sick and tired of listening to the music played by the other inmates day in and day out. He decided to break out of prison to avoid hearing any more rap music. After being on the run for 20 days, Stevens was about to turn himself in when he was apprehended by police. He thanked the officer for finding him, and apologized for his impulsive escape. (


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