These animals will make you want to improve your yoga practice, starting now

Some animals want to encourage your practice.


While others are really trying to show you up. 


Like, really show you up. 

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Some are completely disinterested in your movesi.chzbgr-1

Because they know they are so much better at yoga than you.


Turns out animals are pretty talented at this bendy twisty stuff.


I mean come on, Lion. Must you show off like that? tumblr_mf7z7aopYt1qaesp7o1_500

Oh, now you, too? It’s downward dog, not downward horse.


That’s just rude, Panda. We get it, you’re flexible. 2470419866_9af5ef3177

Animals even knock out poses in their down time. 


Before you know it, they will be dominating your yoga mat.


Clearly animals are the superior yogis. Does anyone know how to do Bow Your Head In Shame pose?

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