These 16 people LOVE to play by their own rules. ALL these signs were clearly a waste of money.

What cha’ gonna do about it, sign?

don't touch

This sign had one job

One of the least succesful signs out there

I don’t need a sign to tell me to be happy

your sign can't tell him what to feel

Why is this a sign in the first place?


The entire system has been ruined!

What now

Alright, tough guy

two hands

One…two…three… FOUR?!

One, Two, Three, FOUR

Who knew Psy was such a badass

PSY is tough

I bet he feels like he conquered Mount Everest

someone arrest that man

No stopping, not even to take this photo

not even to take photos

HAH! You think I’m going to listen to YOU, sign?

No way, sign

Grand Central station is full of reckless thugs

grand central station

Someone call security!

how dare he

I’m trying to think about how I feel about this sign

I think when I want to

Did they not even see the sign?

No cellphones

They do not fear death

rebels without a cause

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