A man snapped a CRAZY self-portrait after his plane crashed into the ocean. See that and 8 other early contenders for selfie of the year!


Here on the Internet, the selfie remains the currency of the realm. The factors at play — celebrity, composition, subject, location, timing, platform, etc. — vary widely, making it difficult to tease out any definitive conclusions about the phenomena. But this we know for sure: a sticky snap can draw huge audiences and shares.

Featured below is a countdown of the 9 of the very best selfies to surface thus far in 2014. It’s hard to believe all these amazing moments happened in just 3 months!

9. That time Lady Gaga surprised Bill Murray on-set at the “Late Show With David Letterman.”


8. That time President Obama was the filling in a Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson sandwich…


7. …and then again when he hosted the Boston Red Sox at the White House. (Equally impressive: coach John Farrell’s (middle) photobomb creep.)


6. That time the #sellotapeselfie hashtag trended on Twitter


5. That time the Pope posed for a selfie with newlyweds.


4. That time Bekily the lemur stole his keeper’s camera and snapped a self-portrait.


3. That time Ellen broke Twitter with celebrity overload.


2. That time this F-16 pilot fired a live air-to-air sidewinder missile.


1. That time this guy’s flight crash-landed in the ocean and the plane sank over his shoulder (don’t worry, he was rescued). MIND = BLOWN!


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