18 impressive pieces of art created using only Microsoft Paint! The one of George Costanza is my favorite!

Believe it or not, this isn’t a picture of Morgan Freeman, it’s a painting

morgan freeman

In case you weren’t impressed by the Morgan Freeman portrait, here is actor Charlie Day

Charlie DAy

Alternatively, here is Rob McElhenney

Mac user Noxious Knight

Were those pictures not sexy enough for you?

George Costanza

Here are best friends Finn and Jake, from Adventure Time

Adventure Time

A landscape Adventure Time.

The Grasslands at Night

A Halloween themed Ganondorf


A recreation of Jolteon that is eerily detailed


A recreation of the Age of Empires II start menu

Age of empires game menu

98-year-old Hal Lasko is a Microsoft Paint artist who has created some beautiful landscapes




Ruby Anderson, another Microsoft Paint artist is responsible for these masterpieces

Ruby Anderson

Ruby Anderson 3

Ruby Anderson 2

A crow lurking in the night

Crow in the Night

A complex design that you could look at for hours

Trippy Art

An unfortunately sad man

sad man

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