17 of the most impressive selfies you’ll ever lay eyes on. Can you match their skills?

If you believe… you can achieve a masterful selfie

amputee selfie

It’s hard to decide who’s more excited about this selfie

animal selfies


astronaut space

Camels can be sexy when they want to be

camel selfie

Do you think the cop was more likely to give them a ticket after this photo?


Can you teach my dog to do this?

dog selfie

How did they do that?

bubble selfie

He had to take this selfie to prove his bravery

great white selfie

How did he get the googly eyes in the right place?

inside the mouth

Mark Wahlberg is unintentionally posing for this

mark wahlberg

Taking a selfie before it became cool

old selfie

The timing of this photo is amazing

pilot firing a missile

Plane being evacuated because of a fire? Better take a selfie

plane on fire selfie

The selfie was worth the fine

security selfie

A mesmerizing manoeuvre

triple selfie

Walking Dead Extra capturing her make up

WD selfie

Chillin’ with his main dude

with my main dude

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