14 weird things you never knew about snails. Their sex lives are better than most humans I know!

Snails have teeth

In fact, some snails have 135 rows of them — up to 25,600 teeth! All placed along their tongue.  As those teeth wear away, the snail will produce even more to replace them. My question is, why the hell do they need so many teeth?


On some snails, those shell spirals do actually reveal their age. 1 spiral = 1 year.


Some snails are hermaphrodites and will deliver up to 100 eggs at a time!

herm snail

Snails know the importance of communication in relationships.

A snail’s “mating ritual” consists of 2-12 hours of “communication” with one another before they hit the sack. I know a few ladies who are wishing they’d been born a snail right about now.


Even more romantic is the “love darts” ritual the snails use right before mating.

They produce a pheromone-containing “dart” to pierce their lover’s flesh with before mating. The reason behind this is to make the female’s reproductive canal “less hostile.” Can you say cupid the snail?

snails love dart

Snails sometimes “kiss” before mating, which is done by rubbing their antennae together.

lover snails

The bottom of the snail’s body (the gooey part you see when you turn him upside down) is called his “foot.” Some can turn their foot into a hard, almost glass-like substance that acts as a block to their shell.

snail foot

A  Byzantine physician of  the 5th century, named Oribasius used to treat wounds with snails (crushed snails mixed with flour, that is.)

snail treatment

Eating snails was once thought to improve lung-power, which is why Bristol glassblowers would consume them so regularly.


Their antennae aren’t only helpful to their eye-sight, but they also serve as a sensory-source for food, danger, etc.


When snails were fed porridge their sexual activity increased, according to a Nottingham professor. Go snails!


All that slime you despise seeing on your porch? You’d probably kill to produce such a thing. The slime is so useful that it’d allow a snail to glide directly across a razor blade without cutting him/her.

Talk about living on the edge.


Although they’re known as one of the slowest creatures on earth (at 2 inches per minute, max), snails are survivors. They can even live through a bird’s digestive system!

It would literally take a snail over 18 months to complete a marathon, if he were going at his maximum speed. Don’t believe it? Just ask the folks who run The World Snail Racing Championship.
slow snails

Cone snails have two incredible powers: a venomous sting that can be fatal OR pain-relieving. The venom contains pain-killing properties that are said to be stronger than morphine!


Snails are pretty fantastic little creatures after all, don’t you think?

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