10 of these buildings were made in a single day. This incredible new process could change construction forever.

Inventor Ma Yihe culminated twelve years of research this month when his company demonstrated their revolutionary new building process. In an amazing feat, the company was able to manufacture 10 buildings of various shapes and sizes in a span of just twenty-four hours.

Yingchuang New Materials uses the power of industrial 3D printing to rapidly produce and construct buildings


Four printers make up a standard assembly line. They swiftly assemble walls and supports meticulously designed to be both practical and structurally sound.

YouTube Preview Image

The roofs are the only part of the structures not 3D printed.



The buildings are all printed using a blend of construction waste materials and cement.


This new method of construction is cost effective, fast and environmentally friendly. Yihe hopes that one day 3D printing will be used to build skyscrapers.


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