10 adorable (and kinda scary) photographs of rockers with their felines. Metalheads are the new crazy cat ladies!


‘Metal Cats’ is a new  photography book developed by Alexandra Crockett, a Bay Area photographer, doctoral student, and jewelry designer. She had the idea to pair burly men and women with their beloved feline life partners  after house sitting for friends when they went on tour. The following collection of photos is both hilarious and touching.

4 years in the making, this amazing book features 700 pictures, spread across 176 pages.


Pictured in the book are members of bands like Black Goat, Thrones, Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Book of Black Earth and more.


These band names conjure up menacing associations, but Metal Cats proves that the intimidating individuals in these photos are softies for cats, just like you and I.


Basically, that whole thing about not judging a book by its cover…


…seems particularly apropos right about now.


This guy, for instance, doesn’t seem too metal on the surface and that, too, is one of the book’s goals.


In an interview with NYMag, the author spoke to the diversity of the metal community: “There are people in this book with short hair, people with long hair, people with studs, transgendered people. There’s not an exact this is what a metal head looks like.”


As if you needed more incentive to check it out, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be…


…redirected to no-kill shelters in Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, and Seattle!


The title will be published next month by powerHouse but you can preorder a copy now at Amazon (or your local neighborhood book store).


In summary, I close with this topical GIF. Rock On.


via: Metal Cats


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